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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 25, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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sglnchts good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm montana montasglnchts a covs to free her from pirates. the sales who pulled that woman to safety are from the same unit who killed osama bin laden. jay gray has the details. >> reporter: the same special operations group that killed osama bin laden parachuted into somalia into the middle of the night and crept into anout door camp to save two citizens.
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aid workers that had been held captive since october. >> a remarkable testament to the special operation forces. they are incredible. >> reporter: as the seal team moved in, at least nine of the kidnappers were killed. no reports of american casualties. the two aid workers were rushed to a chopper to a safe location. with news of the successful mission, president obama called buchanan's father and then shared the information with the rest of the nation. release i releasing a brief statement last night that said in part, thanks to the extraordinary courage and capabilities of our special operations forces, yesterday jessica buichanan was rescued ad on her way home. jay gray, nbc news. >> much closer to home now this morning an eastbound highway is open to traffic once again after a deadly crash. westbound lanes of highway 80 and richmond near carlson
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boulevard clipped a pickup and rolled over at least five times about 5:45 this morning. the driver of a van was killed on impact. the people in the truck are all okay. witnesses say the van had been speeding and driving recklessly before the crash. road rage may be to blame. this morning, sweeping budget cuts in oakland could take aim at unlikely targets. that could be the oakland zoo. cristy smith is joining us live. >> reporter: that's exactly right. children's fairyland has been here since 1950. a lot of times, you see kids they like to walk right through the shoe and pay their $8 to get in. but the director says she wants to keep it that way. affordable, but tonight the city is considering tough cuts. she's worried the kids park is
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being hit hard while other organizations are not. they are trying to cut $28 million to offset money that was lost from state redevelopment funds. for some like the science center, they have a newer contract, so the subsidy remains in place. but for the zoo and fairyland, it could mean a big loss. it could mean 40% of their subsidy. >> it's a big hit. and when you're at a park like fairyland, you can't cut back on safety. you can't cut back on operations. unfortunately, where you can cut back is on the outreach program we have for low-income kids. >> reporter: the director says that these outreach programs go out to about 5,000 low-income kids in oakland. they may have to go. the loss from the city would amount to about $55,000. even more frustrating though as she say that fairyland does not
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get a share of the hotel tax like some others do. she wants to keep the price at $8, so they will do everything they can. she's going to be at the meeting tonight. she says that a lot of parents will be there too. christy smith, back to you. >> thanks. you might not see tents springing up in downtown oakland, but occupy protesters say they have something bigger planned. they are planning to take over a vacant building saturday afternoon after rallying at noon at the plaza. in the meantime, the south bay occupiers are planning their own day of action. they kick off their wall street wednesday protest today at 4:00. wall street wednesday will focus beyond banks on a broader range of issues. this morning construction crews moving massive boulders and trying to figure out how to
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stabilize a sliding hillside in san francisco. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, john. i just got off the phone with san francisco's department of public works. they do believe more rocks will fall down. the kind of rocks you can see damaged this car that they believe more rocks will come down this hillside. it's just really a matter of when. they have a backhoe at the base of the hill. they are trying to eliminate some of the slope. you can see the slope of the small rocks. trying to eliminate that so the rocks don't have much to roll on. instead of rolling into the building, maybe they would stop and have cushion. they are leaving rocks there to. act as a barrier between what might fall down. the next step is trying to figure out how to permanently stabilize the hillside.
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that's a question for the city of san francisco. a geologist who works at a company down the hill here, you have seen things like this before. how would you stabilize a hillside like this? can it be done? >> it can be done. it's expensive. but the main ways would be to install rock volts to hold it there. you can spray a type of concrete on the surface to keep the smaller rocks from coming out and then to get the water out. >> reporter: i didn't know you could drain water from a hillside. >> you can. you have to drill horizontal holes into the hillside. the water then drains into the holes and runs out through pipes and is collected and moved elsewhere. the other thing you can do is monitor the slope with instruments like the ones we make. here's one we make. these are instruments that measure movements in the slope, so you can see it coming before it actually fails.
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it gets people out of the way. >> reporter: thank you very much. they believe the hillside failed on monday because of the rain that we have had had recently. they did end up yellow tagging three of the units in this condo building. they were deyellow tagged last night. for two of the units, they are asking people to not sleep on this ride of the building. bob radel, nbc news. >> great advice. thank you. the rain has gone away. replaced by 70s in some areas. >> you seem a little disappointed by that. >> just surprised. >> it is nice. we have a nice day shaping up. it's going to be spring-like around here. we have rain in the forecast as well. we're not free and clear of the showers. you can see from this live look
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over alcatraz, the camera has a shake to it. it's that wind that prevented the fog from getting widespread and thick this morning. that will not be the case tomorrow. e we lose the wind. we stop the clock on the future cast for fog at 9:00 a.m. even expecting some drizzle at the coast. we will be socked in with fog for the most part tomorrow. all the way until 2:00 p.m. if you have outdoor activities, you'll get better wednesday for wednesday than on thursday. weather headlines show you widespread fog will make way to a few showers early next week. . get ready for that. i'll tell you when we get to the seven-day forecast. not expecting much, but we need the rain still. we'll take every drop we can get. >> sounds nice. thank you. the 49ers are approaching the end zone when it comes to building the new stadium. the city council decided voters will not get a second chance to vote on the stadium. last night lawmakers rejected a
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petition from an opposition group to get the project back on the ballot. the group will now have to go to court. the city attorney says he will file court papers as soon as possible to block any lengthy legal battle. also this morning, the raiders front office hammering out a new head coach. dennis alan is the former difs coordinator for the denver broncos. they haven't hired a head coach with a defensive background since john madden back in 1969. coming up, it looks like a scene from the birds, but this is real life. we'll show you the thousands of blackbirds swarming the skies just ahead. plus an emotional good-bye. political rivals coming together to wish gabrielle giffords well. how much is apple worth? we'll do the math coming up. president obama takes his the ad to battlegroundro states.
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this morning as gabrielle giffords officially resigns. p [ applause ] >> she receive d a standing ovation, plenty of tears as giffords walked up to the podium to deliver her official letter of resignation to house speaker john boehner. >> the most important thing to remember that no matter what we argue about here on this floor or in this country, there's nothing more important than family and friendship. and that should be held on high above all else. >> giffords is giving up her seat to focus on her recovery. giffords was shot in the head
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during an assassination attempt last year. >> so great to see her recovery there. this morning president obama taking the state of the union speech out on the road. he's kicking off a three-day tour to semihis agenda and himself. he's giving republicans a new set of talking points on the campaign trail. no doubt about that. brian moore is live on capitol hill with the latest on this race for the white house. good morning, brian. >> good morning. the president has started out his trip in iowa. he will be covering key territory on the electoral map. >> the state of our union is getting stronger. >> reporter: president obama made his case to congress. >> asking a billionaire to pay as much as his secretary in taxes? most americans would call that common sense. >> reporter: today he's selling his agenda directly to the people. on the campaign trail in
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florida, the republicans who want his job pounced on the president's speech. >> i was reminded of his trip to florida just a week or so ago when he spoke in fantasy land. he seems so extraordinarily detached from reality. >> reporter: republicans accuse the president of saying one thing and doing another on domestic energy production and on streamlining the government and regulations. >> he's for the radical environmentalists who shut down the keystone pipeline that would create a lot of jobs in this country. >> reporter: the president's call for economic quality fell flat. >> he's going to run as a left wing populous. >> reporter: as the republicans battle for the nomination, president obama is warming up for the fight. along this tour, the president's talking points will be about jobs, education, and energy.
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live in washington, brian moore, john, back to you. >> going back to florida. what kind of snapshot can you give us of the presidential race in that state? >> reporter: it's another barn burn perp we have mitt romney and newt gingrich neck and neck. gingrich may have an edge because he's surging. rick santorum is hanging on but refusing to give up. he's making the argument he's the blue collar candidate. painting gingrich and romney as elitist. gingrich and romney have the money in terms of support. >> no doubt. the gop definitely holding no punches and beating each other up. thank you for the report. we're getting word of one of those candidates that will be making a campaign stop here in the bay area. the chronicle reporting newt gingrich will make a local visit around february 15th. we're not sure if san francisco
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is on that agenda, but it's certainly been on his mind. yesterday on "the today show," he said nancy pelosi lives in a san francisco environment of very strange fantasies. the statement apparently in response to her claim that she has information to keep gingrich from becoming a president. in business and tech, more signals facebook is moving closer to becoming a publically-traded company. here's scott mcgrew. >> good morning. facebook will no longer let people trade shares in the secondary market behind the scenes. facebook isn't on the stock market, but it still has shares it hands out to employees. those employees can sell the shares. the company sold huge blocks of shares to early investors as well. and those are bought and sold all the time. bloomberg reports facebook has called a halt to all of those trades. why? perhaps because facebook is
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getting ready to file the paperwork associated with an ipo. the paperwork will contain what up until now was very private information about facebook's business and facebook wants to make sure there are no conflicts of interest. no appearance of insider trading before the filing. facebook has thrown the switch on timelines. they are now mandatory. in seven days, everyone on facebook gets a timeline. unless you make adjustments, everything you ever did or said on facebook will be visible. not a big deal if you're older, but if you started in college, that could be a problem. apple has its shares much higher. 6% higher after that company announced huge profits. billions and billions. $46 billion in the last quarter to be exact 37 that's $511 million every single day or $20 million in change per hour. the second biggest amount of quarterly revenue in american
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history behind exxon mobile. 37 million iphones sold. 15 million ipads. other ways of thinking about the numbers. apple made more money last quarter than it made in all of 2009. 75% of their income comes from i iphone and ipad. neither of which existed five years ago. apple is now the single largest buyer of chips in the world and sold more ipads than hp did computers. here's my favorite. if you added together the quarterly revenue of microsoft, plus two googles, and three yahoos, that is the total take for apple. absolutely astonishing. back to you. >> i like it. thank you, scott. time to check back in with christina lauren. we see some snow in the tahoe area. >> yeah. let's take a look at that.
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snow on highway 50. south shore of lake tahoe. you can see the live picture. plenty of fresh powder for you to enjoy. we are going to get a little more fresh powder at the end of my seven-day forecast. and you know what? sierra snow means bay area rain showers. we'll tell you when the rain returns. 55 degrees now in san mateo. not even noon just yet and temperatures are climbing. we will easily hit the upper 60s and low 70s in the south bay. morgan hill forecasting 70 degrees for you. 67 in sunny value. really comfortable temperatures for this final full week of january. the reason for the warmth and the clear conditions, high pressure. you can see where the clouds are. the storm track taking well to the north. you can vividly see the clock wise rotation around the ridge of high pressure. this is going to move over us through tomorrow morning. that's going to come press the moisture from the recent rain. that means widespread fog before
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the flow pix up later on in the day. give yourself plenty of time tomorrow morning. widespread fog across the entire bay area. that will make way to the low to mid-60s. a comfortable day on top. then as we head through next week, an area of low pressure is going to bring showers to locations north of the golden gate bridge. your seven-day forecast telling the story. 64 degrees by thursday. winds will pick up on friday. a mild weekend. there are the showers and that fresh snow above 7,000 feet. back to you guys. >> thanks. a neighborhood in northern kentucky is under siege. >> we're talking about swarms of birds so thick you can barely see the sun. take a look for yourself here. people say this is happening twice a day as thousands of birds flock near the woods. the experts are baffled about why the birds are swarming in this particular spot.
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the experts baffled on how to clean up after this them. coming up, why fewer hikers will be lacing up their boots.
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welcome back. any chance you might be planning a summer get away? if you are, plan and budget extra time if you're planning to fly out of sfo. they will start work on a four-year construction project to improve runway safety. work could get in the way of some of the landings and could cause some delays. the good news is most of the work will happen at night with minimal disruptions during the day. you'll have to win a lottery to hike in yosemite. a maximum of 400 people will be allowed to scale the monument.
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we're getting great weather here in the bay area, but the other side of the globe getting visual treats. >> a spectacular light show. the northern hemisphere displaying the night skies thanks to a storm adding to the dazzling northern lights. >> that's very cool. >> it looks unreal. this is video of out of norway. the hues of greens and blues not an unusual sight for norwegians. this week's solar flairup is the
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biggest in six years and is expected to last a few more days. i imagine a photographer's dream. >> it looks staged. >> thanks so much for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. >> have yourself a spectacular day. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters since time began. not anymore. fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, the only thing between you and chocolaty brownies...
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